About us

We aim to close the $1.7 tn funding gap in global Trade Finance by making Supply Chain Financing of mid-market companies economically viable around the world. We will achieve this through the use of technology and a new approach, providing a more efficient allocation of resources and fair access to capital worldwide.

We believe the current gap in the market is the result of a sub-par offering to Payers, who are the enablers of trade, a lack of user-friendly solutions for Sellers and a culture of low transparency towards Funders.

Our story

Our values


For us at Finverity fairness is not just an abstract liberal term, but an everyday choice. We work with countries that were deemed as the 3rd world and market segments that were largely neglected by financial incumbents. Yet, they are filled with great opportunities if one is prepared to analyze them fairly and objectively.


Credit is built on trust, which has largely been forgotten behind the bureaucracy permeating modern finance. In Finverity trust is the key currency and we don’t mean blind trust, but a mentality of giving an opportunity where it is due. As an old Russian proverb goes: “Trust but verify.”


The last financial crisis occurred in large due to a lack of transparency. We believe that transparency is in everyone’s best interest. Sharing information openly and honestly not only enables trusting collaboration but also allows us to quickly identify and fix issues.


We are not a bank, which means we actually care! We care about the experience of our customers, about doing the right thing towards those who we work with and about the quality of our work. That’s just what we do at Finverity.

Our team

Viacheslav (Slava) Oganezov
CEO, Founder
Alex Fenechiu
COO, Founder
Brett Downes
Chief Risk Officer
Alex Collingwood
Head of Sales & Origination
Oleg Levitsky
Chief Technology Officer
Arnold Ngunjiri
Chief Product Officer
Radek Vanis
Chief Marketing Officer
Ahanna Anaba
Head of Sales – Digital Solutions & Partnerships

Advisory board

Jonathan Lett
Managing Director Barclays,
Head of European Financials Cash and Derivates Credit Trading
Emmanuel Bresson
Private Capital Investor
KerlouantecCapital Partners
Sir Nigel Burney
Rapid News Communications Group
Guillaume Amblard
Amblard Ventures

Awards and recognitions

Startup Grind

Startup Grind Accelerate Program includes Top 30 Startups per region selected annually by one of the most renowned global startup networks.

Founder Institute

The Founder Institute’s Select Portfolio is a designation given to the top 2% of graduates from the world’s premier pre-seed startup accelerator.

Ebury Partners

Ebury (recently acquired by Santander) is integrated into the Finverity platform for payment and FX services allowing Finverity to offer institutional-level infrastructure and safety of funds.

SAP Certified

One of a few startups to be selected as an SAP partner due to the validation of our technology allowing Finverity to co-sell the solution to SAP’s customer base and to be listed on their AppCenter.