Utilise Net Cash Position

Use your excess cash to pay suppliers early through a Dynamic Discounting tool and grow your bottom line with a fully automated system!

Wondering where to deploy excess cash?

We live in a time of uncertainty and constantly changing liquidity needs. At times like these financial executives need tools that cater to both times of cash deficit and surplus. The way their supply chain is managed and financed should constantly adapt.

Finverity ‘s Dynamic Discounting tool allows you to deploy excess cash through an automatic mechanism in order to pay suppliers early. This works on top of the agreed Supply Chain Finance facility that uses 3rd party capital.

The early payment is made in exchange for a discount on the value of the invoice, effectively reducing your cost of goods sold. Why not invest back in your supply chain and access one of the best available returns on cash for short-term investments!


Flexible Solution

Business is seasonal, liquidity needs change rapidly and the tools your finance and treasury department have at their disposal should be able to cope! Our Dynamic Discounting tool allows you to be in control of how your supply chain is financed and how your cash is utilised.

Full Automation

The setup process for the Dynamic Discounting tool only takes 5 minutes. Our algorithm uses the parameters you have entered to automatically pre-pay the suppliers of your choice and achieve your goal. Payments, reconciliation and real-time reporting have never been this easy.

Supply Chain Security

Some suppliers are critical to your operation and disruption in their ability to deliver or can be disastrous. With Finverity’s Dynamic Discounting tool, you can make sure they always have access to the capital they need with just a click!



Finverity will only accept funds from Institutional Investors such as Hedge funds, Family Offices, Pension Funds, Charity Funds, Sovereign Funds, etc and Individuals who fall under one of the following categories:
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