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As a buyer on the Tradogram platform, you can now utilise Finverity’s Supply Chain Finance solutions to optimise your working capital, reduce your cash conversion cycles, release trapped working capital to suppliers and potentially turn your Accounts Payable into a revenue generator. Find out more about Finverity’s solutions below.



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Looking to improve your cash conversion cycle?

Perhaps your receivables collection profile is slightly longer than you would like. Or maybe your business needs to hold inventory for a while, yet you still have to pay suppliers early because they won’t give you credit or won’t survive longer payment terms.

We understand the pain of this mismatch and how it is putting a strain on your working capital. Thankfully, Finverity has a solution for that!

By implementing a Supply Chain Finance facility with Finverity, your suppliers get paid immediately after the goods/ services have been received and accepted by you. Meanwhile, we work together to identify and implement the most optimal payment terms based on your cash cycle needs to release your working capital.

Seeking ways to ensure supply chain resilience?

We are living at a time of unprecedented uncertainty where unexpected shocks are the new norm. With supply chains becoming increasingly “just in time”, global and interconnected, the effects of a supply shock can be devastating.

The main reason suppliers fail to deliver is the inability to quickly access sustainable working capital when they need it the most. Fortunately, that’s not an issue anymore!

By implementing a Supply Chain Finance facility with Finverity, your suppliers, anywhere in the world, can get paid as soon as the goods/ services have been received and accepted by yourself. On top of a secure supply chain, you gain a competitive advantage over peers through superior payment terms and some great talking points for that CSR story!

In need of a better way to manage AP?

Processing invoices, dealing with ad hoc requests and making payments to suppliers around the world has become such a task in the corporate world that virtually everybody has an Accounts Payable team. Their work is critical to the business success and to the relationships with suppliers, but very often they are the main bottleneck in payments being cleared.

Finverity offers full automation of accounts payable by linking our payment infrastructure to your ERP or accounting system and paying suppliers when invoices reach maturity. You gain access to a dashboard that tracks all invoices and payments in real-time allowing for simple reconciliation. Furthermore, Finverity offers currency exchanges at a fraction of the banking costs and will automatically pay suppliers in their desired currency.

We also know that you don’t want to hold the risk of currency fluctuation. So, our simple and intuitive FX Hedging tool allows you to pre-agree a currency exchange rate for future outgoing payment and ensure that you have 100% certainty of how much needs to be paid. All of it is fully automated… of course!

Wondering where to deploy excess cash?

We live in a time of uncertainty and constantly changing liquidity needs. At times like these financial executives need tools that cater to both times of cash deficit and surplus. The way their supply chain is managed and financed should constantly adapt.

Finverity ‘s Dynamic Discounting tool allows you to deploy excess cash through an automatic mechanism in order to pay suppliers early. This works on top of the agreed Supply Chain Finance facility that uses 3rd party capital.

The early payment is made in exchange for a discount on the value of the invoice, effectively reducing your cost of goods sold. Why not invest back in your supply chain and access one of the best available returns on cash for short-term investments!

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