Invoice Seller

Finverity has developed a supply chain finance platform specifically designed for suppliers of Mid-sized buyers and those supplying internationally.

Long payment terms should never be a deterrent to business growth. Companies need a simple solution to unlock cash trapped in receivables from their customers globally.

Finverity offers the ability to easily receive early payment for all invoices from Payers on-boarded on the platform and forget about the payment issues once and for all.


Sustainable rates

The core benefit of Supply Chain Finance is its ability to offer superior rates to other financial products. As the funders hold the credit risk of your buyer, which is a larger entity than you, the discount rate reflects that. Furthermore, we bring capital from a variety of sources, so you have access to sustainable finance, long term.

No bureaucracy

Finverity’s system is built with full automation in mind. You can opt to automatically receive early payment for all invoices from Payers on the platform or sell selectively with a few clicks. We designed the process to be simple and quick, so you can focus on growing your business and not on filling in unnecessary paperwork.

Payment guarantee

Once you are on boarded on the Finverity platform you can rest assured that you will always receive your payment after the delivery of goods/ services and its acceptance by your customer. There is no recourse with Finverity, so once you’ve done your part, you no longer need to worry about the payment.

How it works



Finverity will only accept funds from Institutional Investors such as Hedge funds, Family Offices, Pension Funds, Charity Funds, Sovereign Funds, etc and Individuals who fall under one of the following categories:
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2 Fill your payer details
  • Get paid faster

    Finverity offers immediate liquidity against invoices for approved buyers. If you want to unlock your trapped working capital now, tell us about yourself and refer your Payer for onboarding!

    You will receive:
    • Guaranteed payment for approved invoices
    • Real-Time view of pending invoices from Payer
    • No recourse and no risk after you’ve been paid
  • Your company