how peer to peer lending works

value exchange between borrowers and lenders

Loan Request
Loan Originates
Interest repayment
Loan Criteria
Loan Funding
Monthly return

Step-by-step instruction for borrowers

Submit data and spending plan
Provide your details and break-down of expected spending
Present investment project
Create and pitch your project for investment in the gallery
Receive loan
Get your loan and repayment schedule
How it Works

Step-by-step instruction for investors

Check expected return
See APR you can earn on your capital through the platform
Build investment portfolio
Choose loans you want to invest in from the project gallery
Receive monthly payments
Earn monthly interest on your funds, which can be reinvested or withdrawn


what customers say

My most profitable investment so far has been though Finverity. Since I started in 2016, my internal rate of return to date in almost 16% p.a. In the environment where traditional financial instruments hardly beat inflation this is a very interesting alternative to say the least. The platforms delivers exactly what it promised.
Martin Tielmann
My experience with Finverity has been outstanding so far. The presentation of loan and risk information is very clear and transparent allowing you to make informed decisions. After the first year of using the platform my annual return is 14.6% across four projects in the portfolio. This is higher than almost anything on the market. I will increase the amount of capital dedicated towards the platform in the following year. Thank you!
Jane Smiths
I borrowed £7000 for my transportation business through Finverity. The rates were very attractive in comparison to anything that banks offer, which made me suspicious initially. Now a year later I have paid back the loan and was able to expand into 2 additional regions in my city. The platform is a great source of working capital, so I will come back again in the future.
Alexander Shupilov